Dealership Marketing With Creative Style

PalmChevrolet SignAuto Dealers are always putting a great effort in their advertising campaigns to attract serious buyers to their car lots. We can provide your dealership marketing with an artistic campaign that no advertising agencies can compare to, in Tampa or the Central Florida region.

Walls N Windows has hand painted thousands of window splash signs that stand out beyond any vinyl banners and window clings. Our sign painters are experienced in hand lettering and murals, providing a combination of skills capable of creating beautiful window signs for your glass showroom.

Window Splash Signs are hand painted with water based paints on the exterior side of your glass window and can also be used indoors. The window signs hold up to Florida weather conditions and have an easy and safe removal process harmless to your glass.

Designs and custom artwork can be created by the artists on the spot for a quick same day sign with the ability to match fonts for specific brands and colors.

Artists can also create matching ads for dealerships with multiple locations.


Interior Painters in Tampa Bay

Metallic_silver_PaintWalls N Windows has been providing top quality interior painting services for 17 years. 

We are able to produce beautiful finishes for any interior project from choosing basic colors to designing intricate murals.  We have painted over 1000 homes and businesses catering to individual styles and brands.

Some of Our Interior Painting Services Include:

  • Prep Work, Wallpaper Removal and paint Cover Up
  • Base Color Applications
  • Faux Finish, Glazing, and Marbleizing
  • Logos and Personalized Name Designs and Graphics
  • Trompe L’oeil, Landscapes and Cityscapes
  • Children’s Murals, Character Designs and Cartoon Art
  • Ceiling Designs, Molding, Doors, Fireplaces, Cabinet Painting 
  • Concrete Floor Staining 
  • Metallics and Fluorescent Specialty Paints


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Faux Sponging and Ragroll


Painted Window Signs in South Tampa FL

Art by Lorinda Fore

Tampa Artists, Lorinda and Tony are responsible for the many beautiful window paintings you see while driving down Howard Avenue in Tampa’s famous SOHO District. The street is cheerfully decorated with fun announcements from the local shops, including Hugo’s, Soho Tavern, The Dubliner and Urban Cantina. They have been painting signs in South Tampa FL for 7 years and have made long lasting friendships with the business owners and employees in the area there.

The local bar and restaurant scene is booming in SOHO with many of the neighborhood locals walking about to their favorite locations and is even starting to attract new attention from tourism. People are always discovering new businesses moving in to join in on the competition. Bright and artistic signs create a stand out appearance that everyone will notice. The window splash signs are hand painted with water based paints and consists of a variety of brands based on the design requirements.

Lorinda and Tony use their experience of 25 years in this specialized technique to plan each design according to the needs of the business. There are many options to your window painting idea from announcing a new store opening to celebrating local events and holidays. The signs in South Tampa are always eye catching and welcome new visitors to the area.

If you are interested in decorating your storefront windows, we travel to many surrounding areas beyond SOHO. Please CONTACT US today and schedule your FREE ESTIMATE!

Winnie Pooh Pictures

Winnie Pooh Wall Mural

poohA classic story book character is a great way to decorate your child’s bedroom. It’s a great way to create a wonderful escape into a fun and playful world. My very first mural I ever painted was a Winnie-The-Pooh wall mural. It has also been quite a popular request. Perhaps because it is such a popular character from the Classic style storybook illustrations drawn by Ernest H Shephard to the more modern color design created by Stephen Slesinger. Pooh Bear has been loved by millions.

I personally chose to decorate my Twins’ nursery with Pooh characters. The symbolism of friendship and childhood memories was something I hoped to impress upon my twin boys, Otto and Anthony. I always enjoyed the companionship Pooh shared with Tigger and all the characters of The Hundred Acre Wood. I chose the Modern day Pooh with all the bright colors. I had everything Pooh. Crib sheets, bumpers, mobiles, lamps, rugs. We were in pooh heaven. At the time, I was renting and did not want to paint the Hundred Acre Wood all over the walls so I decided to make Watercolor Pencil Drawings and frame them up in colorful frames. They were adorable!  I knew  that one day the bedding and furniture would become outgrown and passed on to  someone else, so I hoped the artwork would be something I would keep for a long time.

I then decided to purchase some canvas board and try my hand at acrylic  painting. My husband and I each created an acrylic painting to contribute to  the room! Fifteen years later I still have the drawings in a scrapbook and the  paintings hanging up!Winnie Pooh Tigger Too A few friends and neighbors started requesting artwork after visiting my artistic nursery. We quickly began painting on stretched canvas by request. One of which was the Classic Pooh for our friend’s daughter and we customized it with her name. Classic Pooh is represented with much lighter softer colors. We did several more Disney characters that year and it became a fun learning experience.

We moved to Las Vegas when the twins were about a year old and my husband’s little sister wanted a mural. Yessica was about 8 years old and of course was in love with Winnie the Pooh. My mother-in-law didn’t want me to go crazy and paint the entire forest so she just wanted the characters painted over the white walls. I picked out some pictures I found to use as references and planned out how I would lay out my design. I painted Pooh on the first wall to left of her bed and Tigger to the right, bouncing on his tail. I added her name in blocks over the headboard to personalize it, then I added some pretty butterflies around it to give it a pretty girly touch. I also added some Hunny pots behind the door with bees flying around.I was very proud of my first mural and have painted many more Winnie the Pooh Wall Murals.


I  had a customer ask me to paint the Hundred Acre Wood in her children’s room that was shared by her three kids. She wanted Winnie the Pooh on each and every  wall. I personally don’t like to paint the same character twice in the same  room. It just seems too busy  like wallpaper and it’s also a lot of work so that could get expensive. Remember to trust your artist when it comes to  the design. Leave it to the professional or you might want to learn how to paint it  yourself! I’ve learned it’s pretty hard to imagine what someone else is picturing in their own mind. I always suggest to my clients to print out some references of pictures they like. It helps me to connect with their inspiration. It doesn’t matter how many times I have been asked to paint Pooh Bear Murals, I always change it up and try new themes whether it be him eating out of a Hunny pot or catching butterflies. There’s endless ways to be creative with design and style.

Winnie Pooh Butterfly

Frosty The Snowman

Tampa Holiday Window Painting

Elf with Cell Phone Window PaintingEvery year during the winter, many local businesses start preparing for the holiday season. The competition for sales and consumer attention is high. A great way to attract new customers is to decorate the store front windows. Throughout Tampa Holiday Window Painting is a tradition we carry out every year and we are able to deck the streets with beautiful hand painted window splash murals. We have painted thousands of Holiday Windows during the Winter and Christmas season including designs for Hanukkah and New Years. We meet our clients by walking into nearby shops and and showing pictures of our portfolio. We use high quality water based paints which are long lasting but also easy to clean after the season. As professional artists, we are Lorinda Fore and Tony Lima and are proud to have painted thousands of window scenes and continue this service with over 25 years of experience.

Since we began painting windows together, many people have asked us how we got started. Painting Window Splashes is a unique trade with many painting secrets and techniques. It all began a long time ago when Tony was only 11 years old. Lima was always artistic and great at drawing and other projects. He approached a window painter in Las Vegas Nevada with curiosity and the painter quickly showed him the ropes and sent him on his way with a few materials to start out on his own. Tony was able to paint a few winter scenes and buy some Christmas presents for his mother that year. Since we met 1997 in Tampa Bay, we have combined our artistic talents and merged into a long lasting marriage and partnership. We have continued to grow and learn about new techniques and products to ensure quality murals and signs for our customers.

Our pricing can vary depending on the size of windows, design and also the distance we may have to travel to your shop. Since every business has a different layout and design idea, it is easier to give a firm estimate on site. If we need to travel a long distance, we will also be ready to paint after we have come to an agreement. Many customers ask over the phone for a price range but in many cases could be completely different once we arrive at the business and see the actual size of the job. Every year, we walk door to door and drop off flyers to businesses in local shopping centers. Usually we are able to leave a quick estimate on the flyer for an employee to pass on to the business owner or manager. This estimate usually is decided based upon a design we would visualize in front of your store. It could include a greeting such as “Happy Holidays” and possibly a snowman if there is room. Most estimates are considered to have the artwork painted around hanging signs and vinyl lettering. If you have customized design ideas or choose to remove the hanging signs to provide more space, your costs could increase. Advertisements and special announcements are also priced separately and can be customized to suit your business.

We use high quality water based paints for all of our window paintings. During our 25 years of painting, we have discovered the best techniques and brands to use for a beautiful bright finish. Our paints can hold onto the glass until you decide to remove it. Temporary and Seasonal paints might fade after several months of weathering or you can choose more permanent artwork.The paints we use are determined based on each design and could vary.

Most window cleaners are equipped with the materials and skill to remove your window painting. It is usually very affordable compared to your normal window cleaning costs. Some businesses change their announcements regularly and are able to remove the artwork themselves. The best way to remove the window painting would be to spray the window with water and scrape the paint off with a 3 inch razor blade. We use a squirt bottle to spray the artwork, let it soak for about 4 minutes. The razor should lift the paint off the glass easily like a sticker and you can shake the paint scraps into a tray or trash bin. We can give you a quick demonstration when we originally paint the window. Most windows can be cleaned in 15 minutes if you soak the window first. If we are returning to paint a new design, we will be able to remove the paint for you.

wnw07We are able to paint many different designs and and themes for any holiday or season. Window paintings can vary from a holiday theme, advertisement or even a wedding proposal. Contact us to paint for your next idea!

Hand Painted Murals, Window Painting, & Finishes